Second Opinion Program

International Autoimmune Institute at Bingham Memorial Hospital

Have you been diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease? Learn more about the Bingham Memorial Hospital Second Opinion Program below.

Second Opinion Program (Bingham Memorial Hospital)

Making important decisions about medical treatments for yourself or a family member can be a confusing and stressful process. Having the ability to fully understand your condition and options is an important first step in pursuing the best for you and your family.

When People Are Sick

When people are sick with autoimmune diseases, they look to their doctor to find solutions. However, physicians don’t always have the answers. Often, because of the unusual nature of autoimmune disease and the complexity of the conditions, a second opinion is needed.

About A Consultation With Dr. Bilstrom

Dr. David Bilstrom is available through the Second Opinion Program at the International Autoimmune Institute at Bingham Memorial Hospital.

As a world-renowned specialist in autoimmune medicine, Dr. Bilstrom will review a patient’s medical history, records, test results, and images, and provide a personalized report.

During a 45-minute phone call with Dr. Bilstrom, you will be able to have your questions answered, as well as, review treatment options or alternatives, regarding your future care needs.

Informed Decisions

Getting a second opinion from Dr. Bilstrom enables you to make the most informed decisions about your healthcare or that of a loved one.

The Cost

The cost of a Second Opinion from Dr. Bilstrom is $300 through the International Autoimmune Institute at Bingham Memorial Hospital.

To Schedule A Second Opinion

Simply email or call 1-208-782-2444.