Autoimmune Series

Episode 1: Dr. David Bilstrom “What is an Autoimmune Disease?”

Episode 2: Dr. David Bilstrom, What Causes an Autoimmune Disease?

Episode 3: Dr. David Bilstrom “Other Countries and Autoimmune Disease”

Episode 4: Dr. David Bilstrom, “Blood Tests”

Episode 5: Dr. David Bilstrom, “Saliva Cortisol Tests”

Episode 6: Dr. David Bilstrom “Digestive Stool Analysis”

Episode 7: Dr. David Bilstrom “Heavy Metal Test”

Episode 8: Dr. David Bilstrom “Triggers of Autoimmune Disease: Early Childhood Events”

Episode 9: Dr. David Bilstrom “Genetics”

Episode 10: Dr. David Bilstrom “Establishing Gut and Immune Health”

Episode 11: Dr. David Bilstrom, “Estrogen Dominance”

Episode 12: Dr. David Bilstrom “Optimizing Vitamin D”

Episode 13: Dr. David Bilstrom “Thyroid: The Great Mimicker”

Dr. David Bilstrom, MD “Anxiety and Depression”

Dr. David Bilstrom, MD “Estrogen Dominance”

Dr. David Bilstrom, MD “Preventing Type 1 Diabetes”



Be Informed Series

Be Informed – Getting To Know David

Be Informed – Chronic Infections Auto Immune

Be Informed – Women More Than Men

Be Informed – Autoimmune Skin Health

Be Informed with Jody Bilstrom – Adverse Childhood Event Autoimmune

Be Informed with Jody Bilstrom – Cortisol

Be Informed – Diet Chronic Disease

Be Informed – Diverticulitis

Be Informed – Getting To Know Jody

Be Informed – Psoriasis

Be Informed with Jody Bilstrom – Psychotherapy

Be Informed – Sweets Syndrome

Be Informed – Telehealth Auto Immune

Be Informed with Jody Bilstrom – Telehealth Mental Health