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At the International Autoimmune Institute & Center for Functional Medicine, we’ve developed a unique practice designed with one goal in mind—the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of autoimmune and chronic diseases.

We believe your health is a process that you must be invested in. Taking the mind, body, and spirit into consideration, we understand the benefits integrated medicine can provide to patients.

Functional medicine is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease. Led by David Bilstrom, MD, the International Autoimmune Institute & Center for Functional Medicine uses traditional and functional medicine practices to deliver improved health and hope for patients where previously hope may have been lost.

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Dr. David Bilstrom, MD

Dr. David J. Bilstrom


Dr. David Bilstrom, MD, is the Director of the International Autoimmune Institute & the Center for Functional Medicine, the first medical center in the western United States to treat all types of autoimmune diseases. It is also the first to use nature and its ability to improve human health and well-being as an integral part of a wellness system.

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Jody Bilstrom, LCSW



As a behavior health therapist, Jody offers long- and short-term therapy for children, adolescents, and adults dealing with psychiatric issues as well as those struggling with complex medical issues. Jody takes great care in individually tailoring treatments to meet the specific needs of each client. *Participates in the Bingham Direct Program.

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Bradly K.L. Brown, PA-C

Bradly K.L. Brown


With more than 10 years of medical experience, Bradly Brown is involved in all aspects of patient care and works with people suffering from autoimmune diseases. He also has clinical experience in behavior medicine, emergency medicine, urgent care, family medicine, pain management, and orthopedics and sport medicine.

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Episode 1: Dr. David Bilstrom “What is an Autoimmune Disease?”

Episode 2: Dr. David Bilstrom, What Causes an Autoimmune Disease?

Episode 3: Dr. David Bilstrom “Other Countries and Autoimmune Disease”

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